Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies

J.S.R.I. is an international on-line publication of SCIRI (the Seminar for the Interdisciplinary Research of Religions and Ideologies) and SACRI (the Academic Society for the Research of Religions and Ideologies). It is a peer-review academic publication intended for professors and researchers interested in the study of religions and ideologies.

J.S.R.I. encourages interdisciplinary approaches of religions, engaging the following domains: religious studies, philosophy of religions, ethics, political philosophy and political science, anthropology, sociology, interreligious dialogue and communications theory. All articles must explore the religious dimension of the issues covered.

J.S.R.I. is an open-access journal published on the internet, with three issues per year. The languages in which materials can be published are English and Romanian.

J.S.R.I. does not provide authors with offprints of published materials, but we will notify them by email when their manuscript is published online. There is no fee for the publication of articles in the journal.

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Vol 13, No 37 (2014): JSRI vol. 13, issue 37, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Religion Matters: Quantifying the Impact of Religious Legacies on Post-Communist Transitional Justice PDF
Peter Rozic 3-34
Freedom of Religion at Large in American Common Law: A Critical Review and New Topics PDF
Antonio Sanchez-Bayon 35-72
Historical Eschatology, Political Utopia and European Modernity PDF
Mihai Murariu 73-92
The Contingency of the "Enhancement" Arguments: The Possible Transition from Ethical Debate to Social and Political Programs PDF
Veselin Mitrovic 93-124
A Study of Aging Topic Focusing on the Catholic Social Doctrine and Sen's Capability Approach PDF
Hsiang-Yi Lin, Daisy Tai-Hsing Day 125-147
Pentecostalism and Politics. Global and European Perspectives PDF
Natalia Vlas, Simona Sav 148-177
Exploring Media and Religion - With a Study of Professional Media Practices PDF
Cristina Nistor, Rares Beuran 178-194

SCIRI Conferences

The Struggle for Recognition or the Victorious Slave (An Incursion into the Sphere of the Legal and Theological Definitions of the Family) PDF
Ioan Chirila 195-214


Two Perspectives on Religion in Contemporary World PDF
Octavia Domide, Larisa Bianca Pîrjol 215-221

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