Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies

J.S.R.I. is an international on-line publication of SCIRI (the Seminar for the Interdisciplinary Research of Religions and Ideologies) and SACRI (the Academic Society for the Research of Religions and Ideologies). It is a peer-review academic publication intended for professors and researchers interested in the study of religions and ideologies.

J.S.R.I. encourages interdisciplinary approaches of religions, engaging the following domains: religious studies, philosophy of religions, ethics, political philosophy and political science, anthropology, sociology, interreligious dialogue and communications theory. All articles must explore the religious dimension of the issues covered.

J.S.R.I. is an open-access journal published on the internet, with three issues per year. The languages in which materials can be published are English and Romanian.

J.S.R.I. does not provide authors with offprints of published materials, but we will notify them by email when their manuscript is published online. There is no fee for the publication of articles in the journal.

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Vol 14, No 41 (2015): JSRI vol 14, issue 41, Summer 2015

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Additional Observations Regarding the Phrase Religio Romana in a Transylvanian Document Dated 6 June 1574 PDF
Ioan Aurel Pop 3-21
“The Religion of Muhammad”: Early Turkish Republican Ideology and the Official View of Islam in 1930s History Textbooks PDF
Ş. Akile Zorlu Durukan 22-51
Whiggish History for Contemporary Audiences. Implicit Religion in Shekhar Kapur's Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age PDF
José Igor Prieto-Arranz 52-78
Unconditional Forgiveness in Derrida PDF
Hossein Moradi 79-95
Human-Animal Relationship: Understanding Animal Rights in the Islamic Ecological Paradigm PDF
Md Nazrul Islam, Md Saidul Islam 96-126
The Impact of Systematic Structure of Madrassahs on Student’s Outcomes in Pakistan: Do They Need Structural Reforms? PDF
Syed Waqas Ali Kausar, Abdul Wahid Sial 127-147
Types of Religious Identities within Romanian Muslim Communities PDF
Alina Isac Alak 148-173
Faith and Practice Are Different Matters in Islam PDF
Sînziana Preda 174-201
How Religions Affect Attitudes Toward Ethics of Tax Evasion? A Comparative and Demographic Analysis PDF
Serkan Benk, Robert W. McGee, Bahadir Yüzbaşi 202-223
Ethical Perspectives on Mediated Communication PDF
Iulia Grad 224-242

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