New topics for 2017

Topic: Myths in contemporary political communication
Deadline: July 15th 2017
Topic: Religion and Religious Ideologies Supporting Bioethical Practices in a Contemporary Secular Society
Deadline: October 15th 2017
There have been numerous critical approaches of bioethics from a religious point of view. For this issue, we are not interested in this type of critiques; we rather want to focus on the ways in which religion and religious ideologies may and do support and influence the establishment of professional bioethics in our contemporary secular society.
New topics for 2018

Topic: Politics with/out religion. New trends and challenges at the beginning of the XXIst century

Deadline: January 15th 2018

For this issue, the editors are particularly interested in the following sub-topics:

-       The separation of  religion and politics in government;

-       The separation of state and church, the autonomy of the church;

-       The consequences of using religion in electoral campaigns;

-       Challenges of religious fundamentalism at the beginning of the XXIst century;

-       The ideological challenges of religious pluralism and multiculturalism for globalized societies.


Topic: New forms of sacred in the populist discourse of the XXIst century.

Deadline: March 15th 2018

 For this issue, the editors are particularly interested in the following sub-topics:
- the religious dimension of the populist discourse / the religious rhetoric of populism;
- the relation between clericalism and populism / depicting the church in the populist discourse;
- the populist leader as a political Messiah;
- populism as a consequence of secularization;
- populism as a consequence of religious pluralism;
- populism as a form of religious intolerance / religious intolerance as a characteristic of populism;
- instances of religion in right-wing vs. left-wing populism;
- the religiosity of the populist electorate;
- the strategy of demonising in the populist discourse.

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