New topics for 2018

Topic: Politics with/out religion. New trends and challenges at the beginning of the XXIst century

Deadline: May 1st 2018

For this issue, the editors are particularly interested in the following sub-topics:

-       The separation of  religion and politics in government;

-       The separation of state and church, the autonomy of the church;

-       The consequences of using religion in electoral campaigns;

-       Challenges of religious fundamentalism at the beginning of the XXIst century;

-       The ideological challenges of religious pluralism and multiculturalism for globalized societies;

-       New forms of sacred in the populist discourse of the XXIst century.


Topic: Religious Spirituality and Personal Development in the XXIst century.

Deadline: October 1st, 2018.


Schedule of Publication

From 2002 through 2007, JSRI appeared on April 30th, August 30th and December 30th. Beginning in 2008, JSRI appears on the following dates: February 25th June 25th November 25th  
Posted: 2010-08-07
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