The Politics Between Theology and Messianism in Secular Times

Dmytro Shevchuk, Kateryna Shevchuk


The article is devoted to the analysis of political theology, messianism and their influence on the modern politics. The authors pay attention to the fact that every political theory (or political philosophy) has reference to the ideal state, the most obvious example of which is the transfer of religious concepts and ideas to the political domain. This transfer has two major consequences: the first of them is an act of transcendence which generates the political theology; the second is an act of immanence, which generates the political messianism. The political theology and messianism are seeking to carry meanings that not only explain but in a certain way construct the vision of the political and its historical manifestations. The political theology and political messianism of modernity have some specific caused by the peculiarities of the secularization. The authors refer to the relations between politics and religion in the secular times which is a topical issue of modern political philosophy. Such questions as the essence of the political theology and messianism, the genesis of modern political theology and the appearance of messianism in the political world are investigated.


politics, religion, theology, messianism, secularization, transcendence, immanence, political world, the political, divine order.

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