The Welfare State, Between the Christian Mercy and the Organizational Pragmatism of Bees

Cosmin Serbanescu, Adrian Vintilescu


The social policies effectiveness as a component of government revenue redistribution policies is an essential element of modern capitalist society. In history, social assistance has sometimes been exerted by the church, being a derivative of a profound human feeling - Christian mercy. The evolution of society and the integration of social assistance as a public policy presupposes a high dose of pragmatism, derived also from the managerial internal control standards. The study aims to analyze the relationship that might exist between Christian mercy and the effectiveness of social assistance programs. The research is based on a descriptive analysis that consists of a comparison of the bee behavior and a quantitative evaluation that uses correlation analysis, artificial intelligence techniques and fuzzy logic. The results of the paper confirm the reverse dependency of the social assistance effectiveness policies on income inequality and on the poverty degree. The conclusions of the study reveal that, in the short term, Christian mercy is reversing the effectiveness of social programs by confirming Nietzsche's criticisms of Christianity. In the long run, the return to the faith values prevails over the efficiency targets that seem to have a more and more ephemeral character in the contemporary world. This reaction of approaching religion is considered by the authors as the need for emotional support that people feel in the early stages of the development of capitalist societies. Later, in the second stage described by Kuznets' U-curve, people become aware of the capital's capacity to be altruistic and of the increased role of social responsibility. Therefore the need for support decreases.


income redistribution, social assistance, behavioral finance, social responsability, income inequality, religion, social policy, redistribution, welfare state.

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