Via Pulchritudinis – The Proposal of Spirituality Based on Beauty on the Example of El Greco's Works

Radosław Chałupniak, Krystian Kałuża


Spirituality is not anything static but it is a reality that is constantly developing (what is more, that development is necessary) and changing like every interpersonal relationship. The dynamism of spirituality invites to different ways of its development. One of the ways practiced for centuries is “the way of beauty” – via pulchritudinis. Though often forgotten, the way as a proposal of spirituality seems to be important and still valid for contemporary man so sensitive to all kinds of pictures. The article consists of three parts. In the first one it is presented in a synthetic way how in the issues of beauty and knowing God through beauty have been dealt with in the history of theology. In the second part the author, referring to the statements of popes and the teaching of the Catholic Church, indicates the significance currently attributed to beauty in theology. The third part presents in an exemplary way how through meditation of a painting “the way of beauty” can be discovered, referring to the output of one of the most famous painters, El Greco.


Christian Spirituality, via pulchritudinis, El Greco, painting, theology, meditation

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