Why conservative values inherited from previous generations will continue to shape contemporary identity?

Andrei Florescu


The aim of this paper is to investigate the continuing relevance of tradition in the lives of modern individuals. Although there is a visible pressure felt by the new generations to dissociate from the cultural heritage of their ancestors, I will try to point out the connecting elements that encourage generations to stay together in the process of achieving great goals that transcend their limited existence. First, I will argue that individuals may have posthumous interests that could go beyond the general insight and preserving tradition is a necessary precondition to underline the need to understand these unwritten requirements. I will continue to articulate in a new section the intergenerational outlook of some conservative thinkers, such as Burke and Oakeshott, regarding the enduring nature of social contract and I will finally suggest that tradition still possesses something valuable for today's people by taking further current interests, while keeping them close to the values of their parents and ancestors.


tradition, future generations, conservative values, identity, development, changes, heritage, practices, rules, experience.

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