The Theological Significance of Analogy Language in the Teaching of Syriac Fathers and its Impact on Theology of Today

Mateusz Rafal Potoczny


Like any other science theology has a specific language which should express and clarify its essentials. Because most of the subjects of theological research are immeasurable scientific language has to operate using images and theoretical terms. Of course there are many methodologies of theological discourse. Among them one can find the methodology developed by Church Fathers especially those belonging to both West and East Syriac Traditions. Since their mentality was close to the Semitic roots they started to use in the theological treatises a very specific kind of explanation which could be well understood by the people of Middle East. It was a language of analogy. Thanks to the use of tangible images the Fathers invented a direct language which enabled them to explain truths that could not be clarified using ordinary language. In this paper we try to explain the importance of analogy in theological debate. The explanation will be supported by some examples taken from the writings of the prominent Syriac Fathers regarding the baptismal analogies and the typology “Mary – Eveâ€, seen as an example of the theological explanation of the divine truth. In the final part of this study we attempt to outline the accommodation of analogical language to contemporary theological discussion and liturgical practice.


theology, analogy, Syriac Fathers, Baptism, typology, Syriac Churches

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