The Role of Philosophy of Ecology and Religion in the Face of the Environmental Crisis

Mark Omorovie Ikeke


The reality that there is an environmental crisis confronting the planet and her peoples is indisputable. The crisis can be seen in the forms of climate change, atmospheric and marine pollution, deforestation, desertification, drought and famine, resource wars and conflicts, etc. In spite of the many governmental efforts,  scientific and technological progress of humankind, the crisis continues unabated. This paper argues that in combating the environmental crisis, the role which philosophy of ecology and religion can play should not be overlooked. Philosophy of ecology and religion may not be the only panacea to the environmental crisis, but they can make   contribution. The paper uses critical analysis and hermeneutic methods. Hermeneutics will be used to interpret the concepts. There was also a rational analysis of the role of philosophy of ecology and religion in resolving the environmental crisis. The paper finds that there is an environmental crisis taking place on planet earth. The paper concludes that philosophy of ecology and religion has a role to play in resolving the crisis. With this done, there will be a more ecologically sustainable planet. 


Philosophy, philosophy of ecology, religion, religious ecology, environmental crisis, earth, sustainability, science, ethics, and environmental ethics.

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