Between stereotypes and reality: Romanians’ Image in the Accounts of the Foreign Travelers (1710-1810). Research Methodology

Sorin Șipoș


After rereading the documentary sources and their interpretation in a modern manner, several new elements that bring originality to our endeavor of research stand out. In our research, we have focused on the origin and intellectual formation of the travelers that crossed the Romanian space. These two aspects are important for the scientific value of the information in the documentary sources made by the voyagers. Also, the directions of entry of the travelers to the Romanian space were identified and their destination was established, for capturing the state of mind of the voyagers in relation with the places they entered through to the Romanian Principalities. The reconstitution of the travel route was done from the border to the capitals of the Principalities, taking into account the so-called witnesses of the borders between the West and East. Another direction of analysis focused on the types of documentary sources that the foreign travelers had left. All these interpretations can form models of analysis of the travel reports in the Romanian space and what we have called the symbolism of the border. 


foreign travelers, Romanian Principalities, Romanians’ image, methodology of research, 1710-1810

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