Trasaturi ale tranzitiei culturale romanesti. Observatii privind reconstructia societatii civile si existenta unui model cultural identitar/ Features of the Romanian Cultural Transition. Notes Concerning the Reconstruction of the Civil Society

Marius Jucan


The author intends to look at Romanian cultural transition as an ongoing process which since 1989 has known an accelerated pace according to the fall of communism and the real perspectives of integration in the European Union. Seen within the cultural constraints of globalization, the impact of social and cultural change in Romanian society affected considerably the cultural behavior of the individual as well as the setting of new institutions, their functioning and implicitly the rhythm of democratization. Remarking on modernization in Eastern Europe, the author consid- ers that unless civil society asserts its presence, reconstructing the Romanian public sphere, transition may be a reversible process.


transition, modernity, modernization, religious faith, social trust, cultural identity, Romanian-ness.

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