About Hospitality And Tolerance In South-Eastern Europe

Petru Bejan


We almost can t find among the countries of the East one not to praise or to display as own virtues particular or specific hospitality and tolerance. In fact, to project such qualities in a privileged register of categories is a part of a quasi-generalized imagologic strategy meant to valorize the positive character of some traits ethnic, national or belonging to a group. Each country needs a favorable mythology, luxuriant in fairytales, heroes, acts of bravery, one in which to be able to project its obsessions and nostalgias, composing a self image as good as possible. Is the fervor of idealization a sin? Certainly not, if the purposes are reasonable, and not subjected to some insidious ideological or propagandistic finalities.


culture of hospitality, tolerance, ethos of identities, difference, intolerance, xenophobia, alienation, cosmopolitanism, transnational mobility and solidarity

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