Grupuri etnice si religioase in Romania - (co)incidente in aspectele educationale/ Ethnic and Religious Groups in Romania Educational (Co)Incidences

Alexandru Isaic-Maniu, Claudiu Herteliu


If the access to education were conditioned only by the legislative aspects, there shouldn’t show up any major differences regarding the educational level of different social categories (out of religious, ethnic or other characteristic perspective). But there are. And the present paper approaches them. Based on the official statistic information published by National Institute of Statistics, we intended to underline the existence or the absence of some connections between the educational variables (the last graduated school, level of school attended at present, illiteracy) and the religious or ethnic affiliation ones. The long term implications that derive from the presence of the educational gaps between different ethnic or religious groups may become sometimes difficult or quite impossible to predict. An appropriate example could be the recent violent riots in Paris’ suburbs, from Germany or those from Chechnya, Turkey – Kurdistan, Ireland etc.


dialogue, love, education, culture, cultural diversity, multicultural philosophy

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