References to God and the Christian Tradition in the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe: An Examination of the Background

Iordan Gheorghe Barbulescu, Gabriel Andreescu


The paper offers a survey of the debate on the introduction, in the Preamble of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, of references to God and Europe’s Christian tradition. It examines the question of European identity and values which motivates these proposals in relation to (1) the nature of the EU as an essentially political construction; (2) the issue of human rights in the EU; (3) the protection of cultural and religious diversity within the EU. The study shows that the confessionalization of Europe promoted by strong churches on the Continent, which are legitimate actors of civil society, betray a failure to understand the logic of the European construction. To the extent to which they represent an attempt to secure a privileged position with respect to other religious or non-religious actors, they run against the functional principles and values of the Union.


Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe; Treaty of Lisbon; European Convention; unity in diversity; Christian tradition; God; human rights; cultural diversity

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