Meclis-I AlI-I UmumI (The Supreme Conseil-General) and the Transformation in the Ottoman Political Thought (1839-1876)

Mehmet Seyitdanlioglu


As one of the most important episodes of change in the Ottoman Empire, the Tanzimat Era (1839-1876) was a phase when the state and its political and ideological formation witnessed structural transformation and reforms. During this period, privy councils were instituted at every level, as one of the basic changes in decision-making and the legislation process of the Ottoman State. Meclis-i Âlî-i Umûmî (the Supreme Council-General) is located at the top of the counsulting hierarchy of councils at the administrative piramid, instituted in 1838. The Supreme Council-General also functioned as an equivalent to that of a “senate” of the modern parliament for the first time in this transition period.


The Tanzimat Era; Tanzimat Reforms; the Supreme Council-General; senato-ayin; legislative; executive and judicial

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