The Masks Of The Scholar

Ramon Hosu


One of the scholars who have provided important contributions to the field of American studies in Romania is Professor Marius Jucan, PhD. The present paper is an attempt to decode, in only some pages, the type of discourse/writing that his books construct. The texts that make the subject of professor Jucan s studies invite the reader and the writer to engage in a type of discovery that conditions understanding and induces revelations of diverse facets of truth the interplay of text and mind. Since such texts of the past, belonging to Henry James, H. D. Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson, frequently superimpose the aesthetic discourse on the philosophical, sociological, cultural and/or political one, it is understandable why they can be consistently studied only by an erudite specialist.


the phenomenology of writing, hermeneutics, fiction, authorial intentionality, cultural product, American modernity, Marius Jucan

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