Filosofie, ideologie, religie. O incercare de a intelege ce se intimpla cu filosofia in sistemul de educatie din Romania/ Philosophy, Ideology, Religion. An Attempt to Understand What is Going On with Philosophy in the Romanian Educational System

Sandu Frunza, Mihaela Frunza, Claudiu Herteliu


The present text attempts to sketch the premises of a discussion concerning the institutional crisis of philosophy in the Romanian educational system. Quantitative analyses are commented; also discussed are elements regarding the curricular integration of philosophy, aspects concerning the initial formation in philosophy and possibilities of insertion on the labor market. The article discusses some elements of the status of philosophy in high school, as well as the necessity of offering philosophy as a mandatory discipline in the curriculum, the necessity of taking several active measures to regain philosophy’s specific place as formative discipline in the Romanian educational system. A distinct aspect concerns the discussion of the status of philosophy in relation to religion and ideology in the Romanian society.


philosophy; education; reform; religion; ideology; Romanian educational system

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