Perceptia discriminarii de gen la nivelul populatiei educate tinere din Romania - o abordare cantitativa/ Perception of Gender Discrimination at the Level of Young Education Population from Romania. A Quantitative Approach

Tudorel Andrei, Erika Tusa, Claudiu Herteliu


Gender discrimination is a reality affecting an important part of the socio-economic life. The study aims to examine, by using quantitative techniques, the main tendencies in the Romanian society regarding gender discrimination, as perceived by the young, educated population. In order to meet the objectives of the study, a cluster sampling was performed among the Romanian students. The results from the statistical sampling were compared to national data from several studies made by national and international organizations. In the final part of the study, the findings of sampling research are validated by a logit model. The model is presenting the main factors that are generating gender discrimination, as well as the most important variables throughout which discrimination is perceived in Romania.


gender disccrimination, feminism, quantitative approach, logit model, sample, ASE students

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