Intercultural and Inter-confessional Relations in a Romanian Countryside

Daniela Serban, Constantin Mitrut, Silvia-Elena Cristache, Dana Epure, Simona Vasilache


This paper addresses the question of ethnic entrepreneurship in relation to religious identity and multiculturalism in civil society and proposes a spotlight on Turkish entrepreneurs in Romania, as a relevant example of the benefits of increasing cultural diversity and opportunities to learn from different cultures and traditions. It aims at empirically investigating whether the distinct ethnic features of Turkish entrepreneurs, especially their religion, influence their business performance in Romania and their integration in the host country’s civil society. The information for this case study has been collected through in-depth interviews with top representatives of Turkish-Tartar minority associations in Romania and of Turkish Businessman Association (TIAD), and combined with statistical data from various sources. Several characteristics have been considered in our research, with a focus on business performance, religion and civil society. So far ethnic entrepreneurship issue has been approached in Romanian scientific research only indirectly or partially. Our paper singles out this issue and opens the door for further interdisciplinary research and dialogue.


interethnic and inter-confessional relations; communication; multiculturalism; survey-based research; hypothesis testing; one-way analysis of variance.

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