O interpretare moderna a vointei umane a Fiului lui Dumnezeu intrupat la Sfintul Maxim Marturisitorul si Parintii anteriori/ A Modern Interpretation of the Human Will of the Son of God Become Man in the Theology of Saint Maximus Confessor

Vasile Cristescu


The author analyses the theology of Saint Maximus the Confessor and its interpretation in modern theology. The great work of Hans Urs von Balthasar “The Cosmic Liturgy” began a new theological focus on the profoundness of Saint Maximus synthesis which was continued by several scholars: Policarp Sherwood, J. M. Gariguess, J. C. Larchet, Andrew Louth etc. The author analyses especially the work “Theologie de l’agonie du Christ” belonging to François-Marie Lethel (Paris, 1979). In a critical approach to this work he finds major misinterpretations and established several erroneous trends in the Maximian studies.


christology; Incarnation; divine will; human will; patristic; divinization; obedience; union; hypostasis; realism

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