Jewish Pastoral Counseling: a window of opportunity for Israeli Academia

Yehuda Bar Shalom, Yonatan Glaser


Following participation in Dr. Yair Caspi s Psychology in Judaism workshop, the writers contemplate whether the teaching of Caspi s model in academic settings could become simultaneously a fresh addition to interdisciplinary approaches to the teaching of Judaism in Israeli Academic life, and an academic addition to the contemporary trend to Jewish renewal in Israeli society. The model is based on weekly facilitated workshops in which participants both reflect on and discuss their lives and also explore unique interpretations of Jewish texts and ideas, constantly seeking the borderline where their lives inform the text and vice versa. The process leads to the re-enchantment of ancient Jewish concepts, the reinvention of the Jewish religious experience in a contemporary paradigm and idiom, and the possibility of deep transformative insight.


religion, Judaism, Jewish pastoral counseling, academia, religious studies Caspi s model

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