Who is afraid of the big bad ring? Gender differences when considering couple formation in a newfangled EU capital

Constanta Mihaescu, Miruna Mazurencu Marinescu, Ileana Gabriela Niculescu-Aron


This paper aims at analyzing and presenting the findings of an inquiry carried out in the spring of 2006 in Bucharest. The inquiry itself originally set out to investigate the effect of different gender and religious beliefs and practice with respect to couple formation and related issues, with particular reference to varying corresponding attitudes towards relationships between the men and women. The inquiry was conducted on a sample of inhabitants of Bucharest, the capital city, and one of the most significant urban areas of Romania on the verge of EU accession. Statistically, significant differences were observed with respect to couple formation, depth of religious beliefs, and the corresponding degree of religious practice, in addition to the stated reasons for marriage in the first place, and hence, to the prospective partner s attributes and selection criteria, both subjective (emotional) and objective (practical and pragmatic).


Couple formation, gender differences, demographic behavior, new family models, religious behavior, planned behavior theory, religious determinants

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