Conu Shafirida fata cu reactiunea: Joseph de Maistre sau Fandacsia Descatusata/ Master Shafirida Stands Up to Reaction: Joseph De Maistre or Unleashing Unreason

Michael Shafir


Was Joseph de Maistre a conservative thinker?; an actor who might at any time switch roles with his alleged British counterpart Edmund Burke in a show called “Reactions to the French Revolutionâ€? Or was de Maistre (as Sir Isaiah Berlin saw him) a milestone on mankind’s rush to the “Age of Unreason†in general, and to the Nazi folly in particular? To answer this controversy, Professor Michael Shafir called on the witness’ stand an unexpected expert in conservatism and the folly of revolutions: Romanian playwright Ion Luca Caragiale. Using as evidence before the court Caragiale’s famous farce “Master Leonida Facing Reactionâ€, this exercise in literary counterfactualism demonstrates, according to Shafir, the fig of reason and faith is too small to cover the wastelands of unreason and Social-Darwinist-like psychopathology.


Conservatism, Counter-Reaction, Enlightenment, Social-Darwinism, Fascism, Nazism, Roman-Catholicism, Divinity, Fall-from-Grace, Sin, Absolutism, Sanction, War

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