Altruistic living unrelated organ donation at the crossroads of ethics and religion. A case study

Mihaela-Cornelia Frunza, Sandu Frunza, Catalin-Vasile Bobb, Ovidiu Grad


 This article discusses a series of ethical and religious elements that occur in the debate concerning altruistic living unrelated organ donation. Our main focus is on the ethical attitude of altruist donation. In order to illustrate the connections between ethics and religion we use as a case study the group of the so-called “Jesus Christiansâ€. It is evident that this group, as a case study, is more important for the ethical and religious issues than for the medical issues related to organ donation and transplantation. However, it suggests the potential that, in certain cultural contexts, ethics and religion may have in promoting the idea of altruist donation.


ethics, religion, medical ethics, living unrelated donation, the Jesus Christian donors, altruistic donation, organ commercialization

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