The Process of Democratization and Political Communication in the Roman Catholic Church

Innocent-Maria V. Szaniszlo


When we ask modern questions about democracy and democratization, we have to clarify the meaning of these words. It has been 21 years since the Velvet Revolution and we still think that it had to do with democracy and the democratization of our Czechoslovak society in that time, as if the common use of the word "democratization" makes possible the expression or the vindicate one´s own opinion. There is a question whether the majority of our society was thinking this way. In this context it would be very interesting to see the practical purposes of our Church society during the revolution, as hierarchic or as non-hierarchic. Also there are still the voices of some people that echo the unpreparedness of the Church for this modern world, especially when communicating with the faithful and the society. 


East European countries, democracy, democratization, Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church, Polis area of the Church, Hannah Arendt, Paul Valadier, Josef Ratzinger, Wladyslaw Blin, Roger Mager, John McKenzie

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