Religious Marketing a means of satisfying parishioners needs and determining their loyalty

Florin Constantin Dobocan


Religious marketing is a process of making decisions related to what should and should not be done so that the church could fulfill its mission and serve the parishioners. Religious marketing focuses upon the way the parishioners behave and their satisfaction, because these aspects are very important so that the Orthodox Church could fulfill its mission.
A small number of active parishioners is usually interpreted as a sign of incompetence to attract and keep the existing members. Considering this aspect, it is necessary to do the analysis of perceived quality, perceived value and the expectations of the Orthodox related to the religious services. These factors determine the level of their satisfaction and the active involvement in the activities of the church.
Motivating and determining the Orthodox parishioners to become loyal to the Orthodox Church would be a great advantage for the fulfillment of its mission, but in order to achieve this it is necessary to know a few marketing elements.


Orthodox Church, quality, satisfaction, loyalty, religious marketing, parishioner

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