Different Modernities, Humboldtian Traditions, East European Christian Orthodox Intellectuals and their Peasants

Calin Cotoi


The connections between the Humboldtian tradition and very important cultural layers of the European anti-Enlightenment movement can provide a powerful alternative to the mainstream(s) in today s social sciences. This tradition should be seen, though, in its concrete historicity and the political and theoretical blind spots which are part of this tradition ought to be carefully reconsidered. This anthropological tradition can be unpacked by bringing it closer to other theoretical trends which try to address modernity s inconsistencies and lack of unity (such as the one entailed by the thesis of the different modernities) - in order to deconstruct its national closure and its administrative and state oriented background. One of the geographical, historical and social areas where alternative modernities (especially in their radical, Christian Orthodox guise), and Humboldtian traditions seem to intersect each other is the East European peasantry.


multiple modernities, Humboldtian tradition, alterity, Orthodoxy, peasants, reactionary modernism

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