Unveiling Romanian Muslim Women. An Inquiry into the Religious and Identity-Building Meanings of the Hijab

Elena Negrea-Busuioc, Corina Daba-Buzoianu, Cristina Cirtita-Buzoianu


Drawing on the existent literature in the field and on in-depth interviews, we aim to examine here the practice and the meaning of wearing hijab by Romanian-born Muslim women. In our attempt to show the particularities of veiling among young Romanian-born Muslim women, we take into account the social and cultural context, the meanings and the values that these women convey to wearing the hijab and the consequences that such a practice has for their lives in the community and in the Romanian society at large. We hope that the findings presented and discussed in this paper will enrich the research on this topic and will add a new perspective on the status of Muslim women in Eastern Europe.


Romanian-born Muslim women, hijab, veiling, identity, Islam

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