Modernization and Propaganda: Periodicals, Ecclesiastical Circulars and the Romanian Society in Transylvania during the Modern Period

Ioan Bolovan


Transylvania is well-known as a multi-ethnic and multi-denominational province. Before 1918, the Romanians in Transylvania had not had a state of their own in which they could enjoy all the rights and freedoms the other inhabitants of the province benefited from, even though Romanians had represented, throughout the centuries, two thirds of the province's population. The aim of this paper is to argue that beyond their Christian mission, the Romanian Churches in Transylvania had specific characteristics resulting from the conditions in which the Romanians had lived in the province before World War I. The ecclesiastical publications (periodicals, books and circulars) assisted the higher clergy and the parish priests to be not only spiritual shepherds of their communities, but also counsellors guiding the believers in their everyday lives. The rather diverse content of these circulars, pastoral letters, brochures, articles published in the ecclesiastical press, etc., suggests the tremendous contribution that the Romanian Churches brought to the modernization of the Transylvanian society.


Romania, Transylvania, Romanian Churches, Ecclesiastical Periodicals and Circulars, Modernization

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