Edward Schillebeeckx's position on the resurrection and the time test. What is resurrection today?

Ramona Simut


This paper is an inquiry into Edward Schillebeeckx' concept of resurrection, though it is fairly different from a thorough analysis of the meaning of resurrection per se. The difference comes from the fact that we will not simply view his take on the concept as a peculiar experiment, but the question of the importance of resurrection today receives special attention. This does not mean that certain attempts at defining and elaborating on the significance of Schillebeeckx's concept of resurrection have been overlooked. Still, the main purpose of this study is to literally put this concept to the test and see the tradition associated with it over the years. A final purpose is to determine Schillebeeckx's place at the end of this experiment, as he is associated with the two poignant interpretations of resurrection today, namely the radical and liberal positions. The aim of this experiment is to decide whether we still need to talk about resurrection today and how critical it is to ask serious questions about it in this human history facing its end. This paper explores the concept of resurrection based on its impact on the humanum or the potential of human history always with an eye to its future, where in Schillebeeckx's thought the perfect human state will be attained.


Schillebeeckx, resurrection, eschatology, humanum, sanctification in Christ, Christian life, Christian doctrine, faith, tradition, political theology

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