Lumea artei: imunitate sau responsabilitate? Problema responsabilitatii si a angajamentului in arta contemporana/ The Art World: Immunity or Responsibility? The Question of the Responsibility and the Engagement in the Contemporary Art

Dan-Eugen Ratiu


This study analyzes the relevance in the art world of an ethical and juridical category as the responsibility, as well as its content and limits. The acceptance of the idea of responsibility of the artists depends on the manner in which the “art world” and its frontiers are comprehended - as an autonomous and closed realm or, on the contrary, as a space open to the public control. If the modernist logic of the autonomy had led to the emergence of an artist who claims to an immunity/ impunity based on the absolute artistic freedom, the other model of the art world implies legitimately ethical and juridical questions, as well as an active relation between the public and the forms of the contemporary art. Still, the idea of responsibility is tighten to the mode of evaluating the powers of art. As soon as the social and political utility of the art is invoked, it ceased to be not only beyond the good or evil, but also beyond desirable and undesirable, and the responsibility of the artists belongs not only to the aesthetic realm but also to the political one.


art world, responsibility, modernity, aesthetics, politics, ethics, law, contemporary art, public

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