Logical Thinking and Spiritual Projections in Ioan Biri?s Philosophy

Florea Lucaci


The present study proposes a valorization of the work of professor and philosopher Ioan Biri?. The statistics of his books and studies, their distribution by areas of interest, and especially the ideas in his work confirm the need for philosophy in the Romanian cultural life. As a whole, his philosophical endeavor is based on the concept of totality. Thus in the Hegelian spirit, Ioan Biri?successfully convinces us that the logical may exceed the limits of formal exercise and become the organon of philosophy. In this capacity, the logical may operate on the real and valorize the multiple relationships between identity and difference. His booksFilosofia?i logica?tiin?elor sociale,Totalitate, sistem, holon,Rolul imaginarului cunoa?terea?tiin?ific?,Istorie?i cultur?, as well as a series of studies among which let me mention: Lidentitsymbolique et la logique partitive des valeurs spirituelles, On the logic of religious terms, Le rapport identite-difference et la conjonction collective. Aspects logiques, clearly prove the authors capacity to integrate existential, religious, cognitive and axiological issues into a unitary vision. As Noica would say, he succeeded to enter the spirits life thorough the intellects gate.


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