Vol 6, No 17 (2007)

JSRI Volume 6 Issue 17 Summer 2007

Philosophical and Multidisciplinary Approaches in Religious Studies

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Analytical perspectives on religious fundamentalism PDF
Jakobus Martinus Vorster 5-20
The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Messianic Left PDF
Israel Idalovichi 21-33
Two Paradigms of Faith. Martin Buber on Judaism and Christianity PDF
Iulia Grad 34-46
Ancient Hebrew and Ugaritic Poetry and Modern Linguistic Tools: An Interdisciplinary Study PDF
Silviu Tatu 47-68
Islam as a Symbolic Element of National Identity Used by the Nationalist Ideology in the Nation and State Building Process in Post-soviet Kazakhstan PDF
Aysegul Aydingun 69-83
Muslims in Spain. The Case of Maghrebis in Alicante PDF
Yolanda Aixela Cabre 84-100
Ethical Aspects of Spiritual Medicine. The Case of Intercessory Prayer Therapy PDF
Mihaela Frunza 101-115
Genealogy as a Hermeneutics of Religions PDF
George Bondor 116-133


Eero Tarasti, Existential Semiotics PDF
Aurel Codoban 134-141
Rene Girard, Prabusirea Satanei/ The Fall of Satan PDF
Sabina Ungureanu 142-144
Nicholas P. Lunn, Word-Order Variation in Biblical Hebrew Poetry: Differentiating Pragmatics and Poetics. PDF
Silviu Tatu 145-148

ISSN: 1583-0039