Vol 6, No 18 (2007)

JSRI Volume 6 Issue 18 Winter 2007

Essays in Honor of Moshe Idel

Table of Contents


Moshe Idel s books published in European languages PDF
JSRI Editorial Team 3-5

Studies and Articles

Spiritual Transformations of Torah in Biblical and Rabbinic Tradition PDF
Michael Fishbane 6-15
Moshe Idel s Contribution to the Study of Religion PDF
Jonathan Garb 16-29
A Critical Return to Moshe Idel s Kabbalah: New Perspectives: An Appreciation PDF
Daniel Abrams 30-40
Moshe Idel s Phenomenology and its Sources PDF
Ron Margolin 41-51
Letter Permutation Techniques, Kavannah and Prayer in Jewish Mysticism PDF
Adam Afterman 52-78
Edenic Paradise And Paradisal Eden Moshe Idel s Reading Of The Talmudic Legend Of The Four Sages Who Entered The Pardes PDF
Felicia Waldman 79-87
Idel on Spinoza PDF
Warren Zev Harvey 88-94
Zohar and Iamblichus PDF
Yehuda Liebes 95-100
Between Sefer Yezirah and Wisdom Literature: Three Binitarian Approaches in Sefer Yezirah PDF
Ronit Meroz 101-142
Structure, Innovation, and Diremptive Temporality: The Use of Models to Study Continuity and Discontinuity in Kabbalistic Tradition PDF
Elliot R. Wolfson 143-167
How Does One Become a Jewish Philosopher? Reflections on a Canonical Status PDF
Michael Zank 168-180
Aspects of the connection between Judaism and Christianity in Franz Rosenzweig s philosophy PDF
Sandu Frunza 181-205
Mystical Jewish Sociology PDF
Philip Wexler 206-217
Metafora cartii. Perceptia cartii ebraice in comunitatile nord transilvanene. Sec. XIX-XX/ The Metaphor of the Book. The Hebrew Book and Its Perception in the Jewish Communities of North Transylvania. The 19th and 20th Centuries PDF
Maria Radosav 218-225
Moshe Idel, cartea si hermeneutica negativului/ Moshe Idel, The Book and the Hermeneutics of the Negative PDF
Cristina Gavriluta 226-236


Moshe Idel, Ascension on High in Jewish Mysticism: Pillars, Lines, Ladders PDF
Mihaela Mudure 237-238
Moshe Idel, Maimonide si mistica evreiasca PDF
Nicolae Iuga 239-240

ISSN: 1583-0039