Vol 7, No 20 (2008)

JSRI Volume 7 Issue 20 Summer 2008

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Secularists and Islamists in Morocco: Prospects for Building Trust and Civil Society through Human Rights Reform PDF
Luke Wilcox 3-25
Secularism From the Last Years of the Ottoman Empire to the Early Turkish Republic PDF
Tuncay Saygin, Mehmet Onal 26-48
Ethnic Entrepreneurship as an Integrating Factor in Civil Society and a Gate to Religious Tolerance: A Spotlight on Turkish Entrepreneurs in Romania PDF
Daniela-Luminita Constantin, Zizi Goschin, Mariana Dragusin 49-79
Intercultural and Inter-confessional Relations in a Romanian Countryside PDF
Daniela Serban, Constantin Mitrut, Silvia-Elena Cristache, Dana Epure, Simona Vasilache 80-106
From Tradition to Modernization. Church and the Transylvanian Romanian Family in the Modern Era PDF
Ioan Bolovan, Sorina Paula Bolovan 107-133
Psychoanalytical Geography PDF
Corin Braga 134-149

ISSN: 1583-0039