Vol 7, No 21 (2008)

JSRI Volume 7 Issue 21 Winter 2008

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Malls And The Holy Trinity of Teens: Pleasure, Leisure, and Consumption in Transylvania PDF
Diana Cotrau 3-19
The Influence of the Religious Factors on the Electoral Option Quantitative Analysis PDF
Tudorel Andrei, Ion Gh. Rosca, Stelian Stancu, Andreea Iluzia Iacob 20-43
Perspectives on the Core Characteristics of Religious Fundamentalism Today PDF
Jakobus M. Vorster 44-65
Nationality and Confession in Orthodoxy PDF
Ioan-Vasile Leb, Gabriel-Viorel Gardan 66-78
Ideology, Politics, and Religion in the Work of the Historian Silviu Dragomir PDF
Sorin Sipos 79-105
Celebrating a Storyteller: Elie Wiesel PDF
Sandu Frunza 106-111
Aurel Codoban: despre comprehensiune si reflectie critica/ Aurel Codoban: On Comprehension and Critical Reflection PDF
Stefan Afloroaei 112-119
Leon Volovici istoric al vietii intelectuale evreiesti din România/ Leon Volovici - Historian of Jewish Cultural Life in Romania PDF
Claudia Ursutiu 120-139

SCIRI Conferences

Israel si Europa de Est o relatie spirituala dificila/ Israel and Eastern Europe - A Difficult Spiritual Relationship PDF
Leon Volovici 140-149
Rotten Apples, Bitter Pears: An Updated Motivational Typology of Romania s Radical Right s Anti-Semitic Postures in Post-Communism PDF
Michael Shafir 150-187


Discurs totalitar si manipulare/ Totalitarian Discourse and Manipulation PDF
Carmen Sandu 188-192
O incursiune in etica social si politica/ An Endeavor in Social and Political Ethics PDF
Mihaela Frunza 193-196

ISSN: 1583-0039