Vol 8, No 23 (2009)

JSRI• Issue 2•3 Summer 2009

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

The Public Debate on the Religiosity of the Public Debate of Bioethics in the USA PDF
Lehel Balogh 3-12
Etica, superstitie si laicizarea spaţiului public/ Ethics, Superstition and the Laicization of the Public Sphere PDF
Sandu Frunza, Mihaela Frunza 13-35
Paradoxes of Consequentialism PDF
Ionel Narita 36-47
Ideology and Philosophy in Byzantium: The Meanings of Ideology Before Modern Times PDF
Dan Chitoiu 48-67
Nae Ionescu on Democracy, Individuality, Leadership and Nation Philosophical (Re)sources for a Right-Wing Ideology PDF
Romina Surugiu 68-81
Literature and Red Ideology. Romanian Plays on Religious Themes in the 1950s and 1960s PDF
Liviu Malita 82-106
‘Meclis-I Alî-I Umumî’ (The Supreme Conseil-General) and the Transformation in the Ottoman Political Thought (1839-1876) PDF
Mehmet Seyitdanlioglu 107-123

SCIRI Conferences

On Comparing Cultural Forms PDF
Andrei Cornea 124-140


“Sonship” and its Relevance for Jewish and Non-Jewish Mystical Literatures PDF
Stefan-Sebastian Maftei 141-153
Contemporaneizarea absolutului / The Contemporaneization of Absolute PDF
Karoly Veress 154-158
Reflections on Christian Democratic Doctrine and Social Action PDF
Martian Iovan 159-165

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