Vol 8, No 23 (2009)

JSRI Volume 8 Issue 23 Summer 2009

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

The Public Debate on the Religiosity of the Public Debate of Bioethics in the USA PDF
Lehel Balogh 3-12
Etica, superstitie si laicizarea spa?iului public/ Ethics, Superstition and the Laicization of the Public Sphere PDF
Sandu Frunza, Mihaela Frunza 13-35
Paradoxes of Consequentialism PDF
Ionel Narita 36-47
Ideology and Philosophy in Byzantium: The Meanings of Ideology Before Modern Times PDF
Dan Chitoiu 48-67
Nae Ionescu on Democracy, Individuality, Leadership and Nation Philosophical (Re)sources for a Right-Wing Ideology PDF
Romina Surugiu 68-81
Literature and Red Ideology. Romanian Plays on Religious Themes in the 1950s and 1960s PDF
Liviu Malita 82-106
Meclis-I AlI-I UmumI (The Supreme Conseil-General) and the Transformation in the Ottoman Political Thought (1839-1876) PDF
Mehmet Seyitdanlioglu 107-123

SCIRI Conferences

On Comparing Cultural Forms PDF
Andrei Cornea 124-140


Sonship and its Relevance for Jewish and Non-Jewish Mystical Literatures PDF
Stefan-Sebastian Maftei 141-153
Contemporaneizarea absolutului / The Contemporaneization of Absolute PDF
Karoly Veress 154-158
Reflections on Christian Democratic Doctrine and Social Action PDF
Martian Iovan 159-165

ISSN: 1583-0039