Vol 9, No 25 (2010)

JSRI Volume 9 No. 25 Spring 2010

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Hermeneutics in Hasidism PDF
Moshe Idel 3-16
The Deterritorialization of Human Rights PDF
Virgil Ciomos 17-27
Philosophy and the Labor Market in Romania PDF
Sandu Frunza, Mihaela Frunza 28-58
Mircea Eliade and the Quest for Religious Meaning PDF
Mihaela Paraschivescu 59-68
Yukio Mishima: Thymos Between Aesthetics and Ideological Fanaticism PDF
Rodica Frentiu 69-90
Holy Stigmata, Anorexia and Self-Mutilation: Parallels in Pain and Imagining PDF
Robert F. Mullen 91-110
Westernization as Cultural Trauma: Egyptian Radical Islamist Discourse on Religious Education PDF
Mehmet Ozan Asik, Aykan Erdemir 111-132
Tribalism, Islamism, Leadership and the Assabiyyas PDF
Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi 133-154
Young Believers or Secular Citizens? An Exploratory Study of the Influence of Religion on Political Attitudes and Participation in Romanian High-School Students PDF
Bogdan Mihai Radu 155-179


Quantitative Approaches to the Religious Phenomenon PDF
Ioan Hosu 180-183
An Overview on W.S.F. Pickering's Study of Durkheim's Work PDF
Ramona Hosu 184-191
A Christian Philosophical Perspective on Western Civilization PDF
Iulia Grad 192-194
The New Challenge of Old Things PDF
Cristian Moisuc 195-199
Arab Identity and Culture Through Romanian Eyes PDF
Artur Lakatos 200-203
The Essential Trojan Horse PDF
Cristian Chesut 204-205
An Ethical Herstory of Giving Birth PDF
Mihaela Frunza 206-209

ISSN: 1583-0039