Vol 9, No 27 (2010)

JSRI volume 9, no. 27, Winter 2010

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Altruistic living unrelated organ donation at the crossroads of ethics and religion. A case study PDF
Mihaela-Cornelia Frunza, Sandu Frunza, Catalin-Vasile Bobb, Ovidiu Grad 3-24
Anime, Manga and Christianity: A Comprehensive Analysis PDF
Adam Barkman 25-45
Exploring the Boundary between Morality and Religion: the Shin-shinshukyo (New New Religions) Phenomenon and the Aum Anti-Utopia PDF
Rodica Frentiu 46-70
Carlos Castaneda: The Uses and Abuses of Ethnomethodology and Emic Studies PDF
Corin Braga 71-106
Return of the Spirit and the Demise of Politics PDF
Erdogan Yildirim 107-131
Memory, imaginary and Aristotelian epistemology. On the nature of apterous fly PDF
Claudiu Mesaros 132-156
Ontological Proof and the Critique of Religious Experience PDF
Florin Lobont 157-174
Ethical Naturalism in the Thought of Edward O. Wilson A Critical Review of His Major Works PDF
John-Henry Morgan 175-202
Paul Ricoeur and the Biblical Hermeneutics PDF
George Bondor 203-218
Between Critique and Propaganda: The Critical Self-Understanding of Art in the Historical Avant-Garde. The Case of Dada PDF
Stefan-Sebastian Maftei 219-245
A Golden Opportunity: Religious Pluralism and American Muslims Strategies of Integration in the US after 9/11, 2001 PDF
Hajer ben Hadj Salem 246-260
Collateral Damage: War and Civillian Casualties in Islam and the Ottoman Practices PDF
Bulent Ozdemir 261-280
The Historical, Political and Ecclesiastical Background of the 1927 Concordat between the Vatican and Romania PDF
Mozes Noda 281-301
Religion and the New Roles of Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Hausa and Ebira Muslim Communities in Northern Nigeria, 1930s-1980s PDF
Mukhtar Umar Bunza, Abdullahi Musa Ashafa 302-331


Silviu Dragomir on Belief and Nation PDF
Alina Stoica 332-336
Reinterpreting the Philosophical Canon PDF
Florin Oprescu 337-343
Three Perspectives on a Journalistic Approach PDF
Ilie Rad, Aurel-Teodor Codoban, Nicolae Cretu 344-355
Advertising. From strategic planning to media implementation PDF
Raluca Galos 356-361

ISSN: 1583-0039