Vol 10, No 28 (2011)

JSRI volume 10, no. 28, Spring 2011

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Barry and Kukathas as Inspiring Sources for a Fair Church-State System in Belgium PDF
Leni Franken, Patrick Loobuyck 3-20
Three instances of Church and anti-communist opposition: Hungary, Poland and Romania PDF
Daniela Angi 21-64
The role of religion in the system of social and medical services in post-communism Romania PDF
Daniela Cojocaru, Stefan Cojocaru, Antonio Sandu 65-83
Religion in the public sphere: is there a common European model? PDF
Radu Carp 84-107
Philosophy and Reform: a word about current philosophy-religion dialogue within the Romanian educational system PDF
Ana Bazac 108-128
Appreciative philosophy. Towards a constructionist approach of philosophical and theological discourse PDF
Antonio Sandu 129-153
Public use of reason, communication and religious change PDF
Romulus Brancoveanu 154-175
Ethics and Religion in Hegel. Or on how reason speaks differently than it thinks PDF
Anton Adamut 176-198


A Christian Introduction to Philosophy PDF
Michael S. Jones 199-203
The ethics of responsibility in Elie Wiesel s work PDF
Ilie Rad 204-209
The Holy Bible - The Word of Words. A Point of Reference in the Romanian Old Testament Theology PDF
Lucian Nicodim Codreanu 210-215
Joseph Campbell and the Jungian Reading of Myth PDF
Mihaela Paraschivescu 216-227
Seeing and Believing. On Piety in Iranian Shiism PDF
Alina Branda 228-233
The Sense of Value in a Desacralized World PDF
Cristina Gavriluta 234-239

ISSN: 1583-0039