Vol 10, No 30 (2011)

JSRI vol. 10, issue 30, Winter 2011

Table of Contents


On Paradise in Jewish Mysticism PDF
Moshe Idel 3-38
Shrinking Minority? Slovak Lutherans Fighting with Secularism PDF
Juraj Majo 39-55
Being Baptist and Being Czech: A Specific Identity in Romania PDF
Sinziana Preda 56-79
The Archaic Time Perception in the Modern Times. An Ethnological Approach towards a Religious Minority PDF
Ioana Repciuc 80-101
Jehova's Witnesses in Post-Communist Romania: The Relationship Between the Religious Minority and the State (1989-2010) PDF
Corneliu Pintilescu, Andrada Fatu-Tutoveanu 102-126
Religious Minorities' Web Rhetoric: Romanian and Hungarian Ethno-Pagan Organizations PDF
Rozalia Bako, Laszlo-Attila Hubbes 127-158
On Ecumenism and the Peace of Religions PDF
Madeea Axinciuc 159-182
Does Religion Matter? Exploring Economic Performance Differences Among Romanian Emigrants PDF
Monica Roman, Zizi Goschin 183-212
Chatter in the Hizb: The Hizb ut Tahrir Web Forum: An Ideology of Violence? PDF
Rob James 213-235
Understanding Suicide Attack: Weapon of the Weak or Crime Against Humanity? PDF
Md. Yousuf Ali 236-257
(Bio) Ethical and Social Reconstructions in Transmodernity PDF
Daniela Cojocaru, Antonio Sandu 258-276
Psychology of Religions and the Books That Made It Happen PDF
John H. Morgan 277-298
From the Problem of "Evil" to Interpretation. "Hermeneutic Phenomenology" As a Method for Understanding the Religious Discourse PDF
Catalin Vasile Bobb 299-317
'The Unspeakable' PDF
Fee-Alexandra Haase 318-343
Parallel Patterns of the Diviner in Ritual and Detective Fiction: Agatha's African Hercule Poirots PDF
John A. Dooley 344-372


Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy. The Footprints of a Gigantic Mind PDF
Ramona Hosu 373-382
Is God a Monster? Nuanced Divine and Human Morality in Hebrew Scriptures PDF
Benjamin B. DeVan 383-389
Clash of Ideologies and Survival of Evangelical Movement in Ethiopia PDF
M.A. Girma 390-396
Ethical Expertise and Bioethics PDF
Elena Abrudan 397-402

ISSN: 1583-0039