Vol 11, No 31 (2012)

JSRI vol. 11, issue 31, Spring 2012

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

What people think about cloning? Social representation of this technique and its associated emotions PDF
Mihai Curelaru, Adrian Neculau, Mioara Cristea 3-30
Religion and medicine or the spiritual dimension of healing PDF
Corina Dima-Cozma, Sebastian Cozma 31-48
Transplantation debates in Romania between bioethics and religion PDF
Cristina Gavriluta, Mihaela Frunza 49-71
Christianity and bioethics. Seeking arguments for stem cell research in Genesis PDF
Mircea Leabu 72-87
Arguments in favor of a religious coping pattern in terminally ill patients PDF
Andrada Parvu, Gabriel Roman, Silvia Dumitras, Rodica Gramma, Mariana Enache, Stefana Maria Moisa, Radu Chirita, Catalin Iov, Beatrice Ioan 88-112
From cognitive to moral enhancement: A possible reconciliation of religious outlooks and the biotechnological creation of a better human PDF
Vojin Rakic 113-128
On the reference to Catholic Ethical Theology in Contemporary Health Policy PDF
Calin Saplacan 129-147
Human cloning and the myth of disenchantment PDF
Laurentiu Staicu 148-169

In memoriam

A model of cultural dialogue and intellectual history: The case of Leon Volovici PDF
Gabriel Gherasim, Raluca Moldovan 170-192


Illness as a human possibility in the knowledge based society PDF
Codruta Cuceu 193-197
The empire of communication: body, image and relation PDF
Ioan Hosu 198-205
Religious discourse and postmodern rationality in bioethics PDF
Cristian Radu 206-222

ISSN: 1583-0039