Vol 11, No 32 (2012)

JSRI vol. 11, issue 32, Summer 2012

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Minimal Ethics and the New Configuration of the Public Space PDF
Sandu Frunza 3-17
Public Ethical Discourses and the Diversity of Cultures, Religions and Subjectivity in History: Can We Agree on Anything? PDF
Wilson Muoha Maina 18-36
New Atheists on Genesis 1-11 and 19 PDF
Benjamin B. DeVan 37-75
When Backpacker Meets Religious Pilgrim House: Interpretation of Oriental Folk Belief PDF
Horng-Jinh Chang, Kuo-Yan Wang, Shean-Yuh Lin 76-92
Concept of Spiritual Health in Descartes' and Tabatabaei's Perspectives PDF
Seyed Rahmatolah Mousavimughadam, Ali Delpisheh 93-108
The Secular and the Sacred in the Thinking of John Milbank: A Critical Evaluation PDF
Nico Vorster 109-131
Traditional African Religion, Cosmology and Christianity PDF
Ioannis Kyriakakis 132-154
Religious Experience as an Experience of Human Finitude PDF
Stefan Afloroaei 155-170
Religious Violence and the Logic of Weak Thinking: between R. Girard and G. Vattimo PDF
Ioan Biris 171-189
Stem Cells Therapy and Research. Benefits and Ethical Challences PDF
Nicolae Ovidiu Grad, Ionel Ciprian Pop, Ion Aurel Mironiuc 190-205
Reactions of the Romanian Orthodox Church to the proposed legislation to legalize prostitution PDF
Flaviu Calin Rus, Corina Boie (Rotar), Veronica Ilies 206-226
The Romanian Church United With Rome (Greek-Catholic) Under Pressure: The ROC's Bad Behavior as Good Politics PDF
Gabriel Andreescu 227-255
The Romanian Emigration to the United States until the First World War. Revisiting Opportunities and Vulnerabilities PDF
Gabriel Viorel Gardan, Marius Eppel 256-287
The Free Quakers Reaffirming the Legacy of Conscience and Liberty (The Spiritual Journey of a Solitary People) PDF
John H. Morgan 288-305

ISSN: 1583-0039