Vol 12, No 35 (2013)

JSRI vol. 12, issue 35, Summer 2013

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

The Cultural Dissensions of the Promised Future: Culture Wars and Barack Obama’s Autobiographies PDF
Marius Jucan 3-38
Reshaping American Identity Through Advertising. Standardization vs. Localization PDF
Madalina Moraru 39-62
The Misadventures of Enrique Chagoya: Aesthetic Marginalization in Interpretations of Jesus Christ PDF
Clint Jones 63-85
The Damned of the Last Judgment or what the Romanians Paint in the Orthodox Icons - Historical and Contemporary Cultural Contexts PDF
Ewa Kokoj 86-108
Re-weaving Memory: Representations of the Interwar and Communist Periods in the Romanian Orthodox Church after 1989 PDF
Iuliana Conovici 109-131
Religiosity and Economic Behaviour. An Exploratory Analysis of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Area PDF
Florica Stefanescu, Sorana Saveanu 132-157
(Christian) Bioethical Dilemmas in Using Synthetic Biology and Nanotechnologies PDF
Antonio Sandu, Ana Caras 158-177
The Shaping of Moral Theology: Veritatis Splendor and the Debate on the Nature of Roman Catholic Moral Theology PDF
Wilson Muoha Maina 178-221
Nascent Speculative Non-Buddhism PDF
Glenn Wallis 222-247
Naturalistic Foundations of the Idea of the Holy: Darwinian Roots of Rudolf Otto’s Theology PDF
Mladen Turk 248-263


Spiritual and Social Universe of 16th Century Transylvania PDF
Ovidiu Muresan 264-271

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