Vol 12, No 36 (2013)

JSRI vol. 12, issue 36, Winter 2013

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Human Rights: Political Tool or Universal Ethics? PDF
George Cristian Maior 9-21
Kenzaburo Oe, The Silent Cry (Man en gannen no futtoboru): The Game of Sacred Violence between Myth, Logos and History in the Japanese Cultural Matrix PDF
Rodica Frentiu 22-50
The New Millenium and the Age of Terror. Literature and the Figure in the Carpet PDF
Florin Oprescu 51-71
Deconstruction of Charity. Postmodern ethical approaches PDF
Antonio Sandu, Ana Caras 72-99
East Meets West Once Again: A Quantitative Comparative Approach of Religiosity in Europe over the Last Two Decades PDF
Ionut Apahideanu 100-128
Towards Religious-Spirituality: A Multidimensional Matrix of Religion and Spirituality PDF
Sahaya G. Selvam 129-152
Tribal religions from the Heart: Hebrew leb and Torobo oltau PDF
Shelley Ashdown 153-179
Fisi vs. Journeys into St. Patrick s Purgatory. Irish Psychanodias and Somanodias PDF
Corin Braga 180-227
Overview on Iconophile and Iconoclastic Attitudes toward Images in Early Christianity and Late Antiquity PDF
Anita Strezova 228-258

ISSN: 1583-0039