Vol 13, No 37 (2014)

JSRI vol. 13, issue 37, Spring 2014

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Religion Matters: Quantifying the Impact of Religious Legacies on Post-Communist Transitional Justice PDF
Peter Rozic 3-34
Freedom of Religion at Large in American Common Law: A Critical Review and New Topics PDF
Antonio Sanchez-Bayon 35-72
Historical Eschatology, Political Utopia and European Modernity PDF
Mihai Murariu 73-92
The Contingency of the "Enhancement" Arguments: The Possible Transition from Ethical Debate to Social and Political Programs PDF
Veselin Mitrovic 93-124
A Study of Aging Topic Focusing on the Catholic Social Doctrine and Sen's Capability Approach PDF
Hsiang-Yi Lin, Daisy Tai-Hsing Day 125-147
Pentecostalism and Politics. Global and European Perspectives PDF
Natalia Vlas, Simona Sav 148-177
Exploring Media and Religion - With a Study of Professional Media Practices PDF
Cristina Nistor, Rares Beuran 178-194

SCIRI Conferences

The Struggle for Recognition or the Victorious Slave (An Incursion into the Sphere of the Legal and Theological Definitions of the Family) PDF
Ioan Chirila 195-214


Two Perspectives on Religion in Contemporary World PDF
Octavia Domide, Larisa Bianca PƮrjol 215-221

ISSN: 1583-0039