Vol 13, No 38 (2014)

JSRI vol. 13, issue 38, Summer 2014

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Church In The Public Sphere: Production Of Meaning Between Rational And Irrational PDF
Stefan Bratosin 3-20
The Corrosion Of An Ideological Identity? Differences Between The Christian-Democratic Discourse And The Attitude Of The Faithful Electorate PDF
Mihnea Simion Stoica 21-38
Perceptions of Islamic Soteriology and its Interpretations PDF
Marjana Harcet 39-56
The Imagination: Distance and Relation in Maurice Blanchot and Ibn'Arabi PDF
Hossein Moradi 57-77
Netherworld Marriage in Ancient China: Its Historical Evolution and Ideological Background PDF
Chunjun Gu, Keqian Xu 78-109
Religious Art and Meditative Contemplation in Japanese Calligraphy and Byzantine Iconography PDF
Rodica Frentiu 110-136
Religion, Advertising and Production of Meaning PDF
Iulia Grad 137-154
The Wizards of the Violet Flame. A Magical Mystery Tour of Romanian Politics PDF
Doru Pop 155-171
The Church as a Prescriptor of Consumption - An Outline for a Sociology of Luxury PDF
Marian Petcu 172-194
The Greek-Catholic Church In Romania Facing The Challenges Of The Post-Modern Society PDF
Ciprian Ghisa 195-219


Dworkin's Last Word: Religion Without God PDF
Camil Constantin Ungureanu 220-228
Beyond Magic and Myth with Mircea Eliade and Moshe Idel PDF
Ariana Guga 229-244

ISSN: 1583-0039