Vol 14, No 42 (2015)

JSRI vol. 14, issue 42, Winter 2015

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Postmodern Ethics, Multiple Selves, and the Future of Democracy PDF
Cristian Iftode 3-26
The Figure of the Apostle Paul in Contemporary Philosophy (Heidegger, Badiou, Agamben, Žižek) PDF
Erzsébet Kerekes 27-53
Christianity and Non-Christian Religions in Karl Rahner’s Vision PDF
Jean Nedelea 54-77
The Right to Mission in Human Rights Law, “Mission to Amish People” and “Jews for Jesus” PDF
Maria Grazia Martino 78-99
The Concept of Human Rights as an Answer to Religious Fundamentalism in a Modern Democratic Society PDF
Inocent-Mária V. Szaniszló 100-120
Conceptualizing Jihad Among Southeast Asia’s Radical Salafi Movements PDF
Kamarulnizam Abdullah, Mohd Afandi Salleh 121-146
Unveiling Romanian Muslim Women. An Inquiry into the Religious and Identity-Building Meanings of the Hijab PDF
Elena Negrea-Busuioc, Corina Daba-Buzoianu, Cristina Cîrtiță-Buzoianu 147-171
Writing the Disaster: A Philippine Case Study of the Challenge to Traditional Theodicy in Popular Media PDF
Jesus Deogracias Principe 172-197
“The Return of the Sacred”: Implicit Religion and Initiation Symbolism in Zvyagintsev’s Vozvrashchenie (2003) PDF
Andrada Fătu-Tutoveanu 198-230
Invitation to a Deity’s Celebration: How Social Media Influences Participation in the Activities of Chinese Folk Temples PDF
Kuo-Yan Wang 231-251

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