Vol 15, No 43 (2016)

JSRI vol. 15, issue 43, Spring 2016

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Wittgenstein: From a Religious Point of View PDF
Richard McDonough 3-27
A Levinasian Opening on the Affirmative Ethics of Care PDF
Antonio Sandu 28-47
Parents' Religious and Secular Perspectives on IVF Planning in Serbia PDF
Veselin Mitrovic 48-81
Medical, Social and Christian Aspects in Patients with Major Lower Limb Amputations PDF
Bogdan Stancu, Georgel Rednic, Nicolae Ovidiu Grad, Ion Aurel Mironiuc, Claudia Diana Gherman 82-101
Reading Maize: a narrative and psychological approach to the study of divination in Mesoamerica PDF
Araceli Rojas 102-124
Religion as a Major Institution in the Emergence and Expansion of Modern Capitalism. From Protestant Political Doctrines to Enlightened Reform PDF
Aurelian-Petru Plopeanu, Ion Pohoata 125-143
Turkish Experiments in Democracy: The Democratic Party and Religion in Politics Through the Eyes of French Diplomats PDF
Idris Yucel 144-176

ISSN: 1583-0039