Vol 15, No 45 (2016)

JSRI vol. 15, issue 45, Winter 2016

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Plato s Cosmic Animal Vs. the Daoist Cosmic Plant: Religious and Ideological Implications PDF
Richard McDonough 3-23
There Is No Sensus Divinitatis PDF
Hans van Eyghen 24-40
An Ethics of Concrete Others: An Ethics for the Vulnerable in a Globalizing World PDF
Hochul Kwak 41-75
Postmodernism and the Simulacrum of Religion in Universities PDF
Aura Elena Schussler 76-95
What Does Religion Have to Say About Ecology? A New Appraisal of Naturalism PDF
Jaco Beyers 96-119
Race and Ethnicity Discourse in Biblical Studies and Beyond PDF
Sung Uk Lim 120-142
Between Christianity and Asian Traditions in 20th-Century China: The Contributions of Wu Leichuan PDF
Kang Ji Yeon 143-161
Seeking Authenticity. Philosophy and Poetry in the Communication-Construed World PDF
Sandu Frunza 162-178
Minister For a Day - Online Ordination and the Place of Religion in the 21st Century PDF
Michel Clasquin-Johnson 179-206
The Usages of Internet and New Media by the Romanian Seventh-Day Adventist Clergy PDF
Mihaela-Alexandra Tudor, Agnos-Millian Herteliu 207-233
The Relation Between Worldviews and Intergenerational Altruism in Turkey: An Empirical Approach PDF
Mehmet Bulut, K. Ali Akkemik, Koray Goksal 234-256
Status After Death. Understanding Posthumous Social Influence Through a Case Study on the Christian-Orthodox Tradition PDF
Stefania Matei, Marian Preda 257-282
The Role of Religion in Businesses from a Three-Dimensional Perspective. Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Organizational Management PDF
Daniela Tatiana Agheorghiesei (Corodeanu), Ion Copoeru, Nicolae Horia 283-309
Christian Mercy and Pro-Social Behaviors in the Memory of the Deportation of German Ethnics from Romania to the Soviet Union PDF
Lavinia Betea 310-337
Biblically Inspired Tattoos in Forensic Examinations Made on Inmates? Bodies in Prisons Territorially Assigned to the Forensic Institute of Medicine from Cluj PDF
Dan Perju-Dumbrava, Daniel Ureche, Cristian Gherman, Ovidiu Chiroban, Laurian Stefan Bonea, Carmen Corina Radu 338-356

ISSN: 1583-0039