Vol 17, No 50 (2018)

JSRI Volume 17, Issue 50, Summer 2018

Table of Contents

Studies and Articles

Knowledge in the Historical Perspective of Coming-To-Be and Passing-Away PDF
Erdogan Yildirim 3-16
On the Logic of the Christian Trinity: Co-Inherence and the Nesting Relationships PDF
Ioan Biris 17-29
Religious Studies in India. Banaras Hindu University: Religion and Universal Human Values PDF
Clemens Cavallin, Ake Sander 30-45
On Horizontal Transcendence PDF
Karoly Veress 46-62
A Paradigm Shift in the Catholic Church: Recognising Religious Freedom and Secular Autonomy PDF
Mozes Noda 63-78
Confucianism: the Question of Its Religiousness and Its Role in Constructing Chinese Secular Ideology PDF
Keqian Xu, Guoming Wang 79-95
Light Icon/Stained Glass Illumination PDF
Ioan Chirila, Stelian Pasca-Tusa, Ioan Popa-Bota, Claudia-Cosmina Trif 96-108
Social Capital Bridging through Sociopolitical and Religious Referencing in Computer Mediated Communication. A Study Case of a Mediated Local Drama PDF
Diana Cotrau, Alexandra Cotoc 109-124

Thinkers of Today

Logical Thinking and Spiritual Projections in Ioan Biris s Philosophy PDF
Florea Lucaci 125-139
Our Daily Body and Its Instrumental Role in Communication. Aurel Codoban s Reading Body as Language PDF
Sandu Frunza 140-156

ISSN: 1583-0039